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People for Sustainable Forests, Jobs, and Communities

People for Sustainable Forests, Jobs, and Communities

On May 24, 1990, Judi Bari and Darryl Cherney were on their way to an organizing meeting for Redwood Summer when a bomb exploded under the driver's seat of Bari's car in Oakland, California. Almost imme­diately the Oakland Police and FBI named Bari and Cherney as the prime suspects. After several weeks, they were forced to drop the charges against Bari and Cherney, but the bomber remains unknown and at large to this day. Much has been written about the bombing and subsequent investigations into who and why. Needless to say it threatened the work of Earth First! - IWW Local #1.
This Press Release was issued just days after a bomb exploded in Judi Bari and Darryl Cherney's car. The remarkable thing about this release is the number of Earth First! activists, loggers, and gyppo log employers that signed it. That demonstrates that Local #1 had already built bridges among the labor and environmental movements that were too strong to be broken, even in the face of catastrophic events.

TRUST: We agree when possible and disagree when necessary, but we will always respect each other's "given word". Without trust nothing is possible. We accept the philosophy that all people are innocent until proven guilty.
NON-VIOLENCE: We stress non-violence and condemn any person involved or associated with violent activity, including destruction of property.
    (a) When Redwood Summer conducts a one-day shutdown of logging operations, the operator will be notified prior to the demonstration. (b) When Redwood Summer finds it necessary to protect critical habitat areas, old-growth forests or violations of Timber Harvest Plans, a dialogue with the operator will be opened with the operator to communicate the intent. (c) When Redwood Summer plans to demonstrate at public sites, CDF, mills, offices, etc., the demonstration may extend more than 1 day but will not block timber workers from their jobs, except at the export docks.
SUSTAINED YIELD: We are committed to sustaining the forests and will strive To improve the environment in every possible way.
RULE OF REASON: We agree that our goal is to sustain the forests of our county and to work to integrate the economic, ecologic (sic), and social needs of our local communities and all families.
This was signed by the following individuals who unanimously voted for the above statement on May 29, 1990 in Willits.
Art Harwood -- Harwood Products.
Jim Little -- Harwood Products.
Blake Bennett
Robert Pardini
Jerry Philbrick -- Philbrick, inc.
Wayne Hiatt -- Hiatt Logging, inc.
Anna Marie Stenberg -- IWW Local #1, Ft. Bragg Earth First!
Rick Cloninger -- Laytonville Earth First!
John Welch -- Cahto Wilderness Coalition
Pam Davis -- Somoma County Earth First!
Tom O'Neil -- North Coast Nonviolence Collective
Steven Day -- Eel River Habitat Conservation Planning
Naomi Wagner -- Sherwood Forest Protection Association
Judith Bailey -- Bailey's
Bill Bailey -- Bailey's
James Smith -- S-W Logging
Gary Ball -- Mendocino Environmental Center
Betty Ball -- Mendocino Environmental Center
Bill Evans -- Laytonville Earth First!
Steve Zuieback
Rich Padula -- R & J Lumber

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